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Don’t lose visitors or bore your audience with unimaginative, predictable videos.

The Online Inc is a creative video editing and video production service for unique small businesses, travel, extreme sports, music & art footage.

We’ll help you make your footage awesome!

The importance of video production simply cannot be denied and neither can the impact that it makes upon its audience. Utilizing only state of the art technology and supplying superior customer quality care, all of our professionals are thoroughly passionate about what they do.

Your trusted video editing team. Fast and secure.

When it comes to video production, there are many intricate details that cannot be overlooked, otherwise you begin to compromise the integrity of the finished product. This is very true for video editing especially.

Allow us to help you build content that produces results. This is where we found our roots – with our superior video editing services.

Shoot, cut and paste your story together with cutting-edge video editing services from the ones who were putting them together from the beginning.